Teardrop Flags

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Similar to feather flags, teardrop flags are a super effective outdoor branding solution, with a unique alternative 'droplet' shape.
Full digital print, sewn and finished here in the UK!
Finished with hemmed edge and elasticated sleeve
Strong aluminium hardware
Our UV stable inks are weather resistant - your product will not let you down with fading colours
We use water-based inks - much better for the environment!

Your choice of fabrics include knitted polyester, or aero mesh for windy weather
We have a range of bases so that you can fly your flag anywhere available on the Accessories page.

Graphic Sizes:

2m Flag - 630 mm x 1600 mm

3m Flag - 950 mm x 2600 mm

4m Flag - 950 mm x 3600 mm

Unless specified, all prices shown exclude vat and delivery

Download Portrait Flag Template